The most relaxing experience I have ever encountered with a massage. Paul puts more into his massages than anyone I have ever known. You get much more than a massage you get personal service which is a benefit you do not get elsewhere. If you have not tried Salon du Soleil I highly recommend you give it a try.

THE BEST. I am from Washington state and have a second home here in Panama City Beach. As soon as I get off the plane I head to Paul at Salon du Soliel and get one of his wonderful massages. Paul takes time to listen your needs and create a treatment that is really catered to you. The atmosphere at the studio is so relaxing and the service is excellent. I highly recommend Salon du Soleil.

What a treat! Found out about this salon through a local magazine, and couldn't be happier that I did! The first thing you notice is how well maintained the salon is & how calming just walking in makes you feel, setting the stage for wonderful personalized service. The prices are VERY reasonable without mincing on the quality of service that you receive. I have tried a number of different services offered and it just keeps getting better and better~ I would recommend Paul & Salon du Soleil to anyone who is looking for quality & personalized service.

For many years Paul has provided me with the most wonderful, stress-relieving care in a lovely, calm environment. Each month I look forward to a facial, pedicure and 90-minute massage. To me, Paul is a blessing. He's absolutely the best.

I have been a client of Paul's for several years. I am a busy working Mom and I don't get much "me" time but when I do I always chose to spend it at Salon du Soleil. I can start to feel relaxed just walking in the door. Paul goes above and beyond with every service he provides. Days of tension can melt away with just the foot massage provided during his Spa Pedicure and because Paul knows his anatomy so well his massage cannot be compared with any other. You will never receive a "cookie cutter" massage at Salon du Soleil. Each experience is unique and tailored to what you need at that time. I had many a massage and pedicure prior to becoming a client at Salon du Soleil and now I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else. If relaxation is what you are looking for this is the place!

I feel so fortunate to have found Paul. He has studied; is trained and a true professional. On your first visit, he asks you about your health issues and where your concerns are located. He then shows you the muscles involved. On each return visit he evaluates you. If you are looking for a Massage Therapist, who is dedicated to helping you and is educated in how to address you problem, you need to make appointment with Paul Bui .I'm sure you will be happy with the results.

I visited Paul almost two weeks ago because I was having terrible headaches. He gave me an amazing head and neck massage, and I am thrilled to say that I have not had a headache since! Paul has the magic touch. What a truly lovely experience. Additionally, the salon is tranquil, clean, and beautiful.

This is the 5th salon I have visited in Panama City. I have always left each one with continued pain in my back or too much oil on my body. Mr. Paul has the perfect touch and respect for your body. Since I have been going to Mr. Paul the pain in my back and neck has disappeared. I am able to work without discomfort. I have also tried the facial and the condition of my skin has improved. I recommend Mr. Paul for anyone that struggles with back and neck pain.

Went to Paul today with serious back pain related to a couple of herniated disks. Paul did a superb job of locating and neutralizing the affected back muscles. Walked out an hour later feeling like Fred Astaire in his prime. I go on a monthly basis and always come out much improved.

Paul catered his massage therapy skills directly to my needs. I suffer from daily headaches and chronic migraines. I have tried chiropractics, medicine, and now I have found Paul. His trigger point therapy and ability to target the muscles causing my headache triggers has been very helpful. He also has integrated stretches into sessions, and he encourages me to try using these same techniques myself to ensure that I feel better. I hope to increase my visits to Paul and push these headaches completely out of my lifestyle.

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