Foot Massage

The therapist uses his hands and fingers to rotate, stretch the feet, and apply pressure to the feet and lower legs. Foot massages are deeply relaxing, refreshing, and revitalizing, especially if you have plantar fascitis.

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About Foot Massage

A relaxing foot massage promotes well-being and an overall healthy body. Your foot can act as a map to your body, allowing focused attention to be given on a specific areas of pain through your feet.

30 Minutes / $40.00
60 Minutes / $60.00

Panama City Foot Massage

How Foot Massage Benefits You

Foot massage is used by millions who want to relieve pain, reduce stress and calm anxiety. Applying pressure to specific locations on the foot can effect various parts of your body for the better. Your body will be renewed as stress is released and your body becomes relaxed. Improved circulation through foot massage helps transport oxygen and nutrients to your body’s cells.

Relaxing and healing for the entire body.
Paul Bui

Balance and harmony in the body, or “homeostasi”, is also achieved along with renewed energy. Finally, remember that stress can lower the body’s immune system, but regular foot massages can protect the body against diseases related to stress.