Clinical Massage

If you have chronic pain or tense areas in your head, neck, shoulder, lower back, gluts, legs, or feet, you will likely need clinical massage or deep tissue massage. In this type of massage, the therapist uses short, deep strokes to focus on specific areas that cause your pain. The therapist will not perform this kind of massage on your entire body. It should not hurt at all.

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Panama City Clinical Massage

Deep Tissue Therapy

Panama City Clinical Massage

Tense Areas Relieved

Panama City Clinical Massage

Chronic Pain Soothed

About Clinical/Deep Tissue Massage

Clinical Massage therapy focuses on pain relief, similar to sports massage. Unlike traditional massage, clinical massage is a therapeutic massage that uses physical touch and pressure to heal injuries.

30 Minutes / $40.00
60 Minutes / $60.00

How Clinical Massage Benefits You

Clinical massage uses deep tissue massage techniques to help heal injuries and relieve pain. The deeper muscles of the the body are focused on and heat and cold may be applied to relax the muscles. When muscles are realized and brought back to a natural state, pain is relieved, muscle health is improved and circulation is improved.

Deep Tissue Massage should always be Beneficial
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